Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome to The Husky Runner Blog

This is your one stop shopping for everything you need to know if you are an A-Typical runners build and you run or want to start running.

I have run a Half Marathon, two 10 Milers, a couple 5K's and a 10K (my favorite). I run 8.5 to 10 min. miles depending on course and because I'm chubby.
This is my third year of running and I will share some tips I have learned to hopefully save you from learning the hard way.

First of all there are some things and apparel you may want to look into before you get started on this venture: ( Disclaimer: if I throw out a brand name it's only because I use the product. I have no affiliation with any company......but I would take free stuff if they offered.)
- A comfortable pair of running shoes. Do not assume your gym shoes are sufficient. My wife did some research for me when I got back into running. She advised me that New Balance had wider running shoes and they seem to cater to a 'Huskier Runner' which is where the name of this blog got it's name. Do your research or go with my wife's suggestion.
-Get a mp3 player.....and it doesn't have to have 'Eye of the Tiger' on a constant loop. I have found that music that you enjoy is enough. Something with a good beat helps just to help with your pace.
-I do not suggest running in cotton shirts. They can cause chafing of your nipples. If you have large pectorials or Man Boobs, cotton shirts may not be the best choice. Some sort of 'performace material' is good choice. All the major companies make there own style and cuts, but the materials are pretty close being the same. I run in Under Armour shirts and only on long runs do I get sensitve nips.
-When you are a bigger person your thighs sometimes touch....well when you run that touching will quickly become friction that will also burn like hell in the shower and for a couple of days after your run. I run with a pair of Under Armour compression shorts. All the major companies make different lengths and colors and materials. I find the ones that are made of smooth materials are the best kind to eliminate friction. These have single handedly saved me from starting a brush fire in my running shorts.

I am going to begin to cronicle my runs and more importantly after race snacks, goodies, lunch and beers.