Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yes you, Chubby guy there on the couch. I'm talking to you....

I was sitting around the house digesting too much of something maybe I didn't need to eat and drinking a beer and a infomercial comes on. It's these skinny little dicks and this hot chick I would love to have wash my clothes telling me about this great video series that could make me look like them. I would love to be a hot chick so I am immediately interested. After a quick inventory of what I have been putting in my body since beer festival season started, Baltimore Beer Week followed by a 4 day fishing trip of beers and deep fried goodness I could use something to do so I don't put on my normal holiday 10-15 lbs I have to lose when I start running again in the Spring. So in true fatty form I decided this would be a good idea to invest in my health over the holidays. Mrs. Runner bought this for me as a gift for her so when I'm finished I can wash her socks on my 2 pack. I will be keeping up with my progress here on the blob I am even going to weight myself and take a before picture that I may or may not post when this is all over.

For 60 days beat the piss out of yourself and eat right and I could be one of these peoples 'before' pictures sounds like a great idea.