Thursday, August 13, 2009

Countdown to the Pain Cave

The Annapolis 10 Miler is one of the few races that you do not receive your 'premium' till you actually finish the race. Most races you go to pick up your packet and your shirt or whatever the give away is already in your bag. Hell, why run the race I got the shirt. I always ignore the shirt or in the bag till after the race. I would never wear a shirt of a race I did not run or finish my soul can’t take that kind of torment. When I ran the Baltimore Half Marathon (13.1 miles of my life I would like to have back) I did not even look at the shirt till I came to my senses a day later but people were actually wearing their shirts to run the race, which I feel is like wearing the t-shirt of he band you are going to see in concert….Don’t be that Guy.

Here is this years Premium.

Notice it says 'Finisher'.
I like that they do it that way, because if you don’t run or finish no jacket or running shirt (in this case)for you. They always have the best give-a-ways but you have to bleed, sweat and cry to get.
Less than 3 weeks I have a 7 mile run this Saturday followed by regular week of running finshed with a 9 mile next Saturday and a ramp down to the race on the 30th.

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