Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Race for Hope.....& Fatty got a new pair of shoes!

If you don't know what the Race for Hope is it is a Race that raises money for Brain Tumor research. My best friend growing up, Jeff, had a cancerous brain tumor about 6 years ago and had surgery to remove what they could and went on an aggressive Chemo Treatment to clean up the rest. I was leveled when this happened. Jeff was married less than 4 years and his son Zach was just a year old and Jeff was in the middle of getting his professional golfers card. With the support of friends family and club members, Jeff was helped with his astronomical medical bills for scans and treatments. Here we are in 2010 and Jeff is 4 years cancer free he is back in his Pro golf Program and still a funny, smart-ass-pain I love. Last fall Jeff put together a 5K team for this run we needed a team name so when we were down for Thanksgiving we came up with Brains Matter. My good friend Kara came up with this logo for our team shirts:

I have been very careful of trying not to offend or make light of what other people that are going through what I went through years ago, but me and Jeff decided that that is how we coped so we are letting it fly. Another team name for the run this year I love is 'Joggin' for Noggins'

The Race for Hope 5K is two weeks away. I had to get a new pair of shoes since my old pair had two 10 milers, four 5K's, and a 10K not to mention having to haul me around walking the dog and training runs. I had tunnel vision that I was going to buy another pair of New Balance but much to my dismay I was not happy with the fit of the New Balance shoes available locally. Mrs. Runner suggested I try on a pair f saucony's that looked a little wider than the New Balance. Begrudgingly I did and they felt great. Not too narrow and an nice spongy but firm feel in the heal and balls (giggle, giggle). I have about 6 miles on the new kicks and they are feeling good. Weather is getting nice and I have promised I will for now keep my shirt on when running in public...but I can't promise for how long.

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