Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tis the season....

...for dropping the ball. I have been a little sparce with my work-outs not because I'm lazy (OK maybe a little) but because We have just gotten a dog in Runner household. It was a decision that we had made a while back and were going to get a dog in the spring. A puppy came available and we made the decision to get him now. He is a 12 weeks old German Shorthaired Pointer, Male and his name is Otis. he has fit right in with the family and his crate and house training is getting better everyday. We have already startd a puppy class to get him well socialized since I plan on taking him everywhere with me. He will not be able be a running partner till he is a little better trained and he is a year old so his bones are done growing.

Mrs. Runner and I are doing the Celtic Soltice 5 miler in Druid Hill Park on the 19th (followed by brunch and beers at The Pratt Street Ale House) so I have been trying to get out running but the weather has put the stop to that.
More to come.

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