Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Story of The Barometric Pressure and a Chubby Guys Knee - Lets Hope for a Happy Ending

I woke up Monday to dreary weather and a sore knee. Was it from running on Sunday? No, Sunday was my rest day and all I did was brew a batch of beer. Now there is some lifting of 10 to 15 gallons of water, dumping a full mash tun of wet grain and then carrying full carboys of beer downstairs. Going back in history, I had an injury to this knee way back in high school playing football where it was drained of fluid. I wear a Cho Pat wrap on the knee in question normally because of it's sometime 'Squirreliness' on uneven pavement. I did a light 3 mile run Monday and by the time I got down my street the pain was 'gone'. I am hoping it is the weird weather that is causing my issue and nothing else. I get a little worried because of all the running I have to do and Hockey season starting soon.
So with a sore knee my Kettle Bell workout yesterday went much like my run, the pain went a way by my second set of swings. I may take it easy on my joints and do the elliptical today since it is raining. Hal Higdon gives me a rest day and 3-30 minute cross/Strength/Strech days. So I have a chance to go easy on it till my long run on Saturday. I just find it funny that here I am trainning for a Marathon and I'm dealing with a possible brewing accident.

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