Monday, June 15, 2009

Safety First!

My wife, Mrs. Runner, and I have two children. So we do not get to run together much at all. I wake up, run, come home, make breakfast for the little ones and mommy goes running. We always have a quick briefing of where we are running and when we should be back and it always ends with ‘if I’m not back by such-and-such time come find me’.
My brother is an avid bike rider both road and mountain biking and he has had numerous run-ins with cars and sketchy roads and trails. Taking a page out of his playbook I decided to buy a product for my wife and I that I hope we will never need.
I purchased for us each a RoadID It is much reminiscent of the dog tags I wore in The Marines, minus my gas mask size and religion. For $20 you get a tag with your emergency contact and medical information on a stylish 3M reflective band. They sell these to be worn on your wrist, ankle, or your shoe. We both opted for the neoprene ankle style, mine in red and the Mrs. in Pink. I filled out our tags with our names, address, home phone number, each others cell phone number, blood type and that we have no allergies to medication and that we are both organ donors. It may seem a little bit morbid to think about but if I get ripped in two by a passing car it would be nice if they could give my still functioning organs to someone (although my liver may not do anyone any good) or better yet get me some blood and put me back together.

It’s easy to say it won’t happen to you but I decided for us it is better to be safe than sorry.

…and don’t forget: Be Positive… really! If you see me bleeding on the side of the road get me some B+!

11 weeks!

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