Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Upper Respiratory Infection be Dammed!

I am back from fishing in Miami and my friend Woody’s wedding in Key West.
June 1st was the registration for the 34th Annual Annapolis 10 Miler or more hipper known as The A10. If you plan on running this one you better do it quick, it always sells out.
I am on a mission for this race since in the past the hills have taken me mentally out of my ‘game’. I was whining in my head the entire time. “Who would put hills on top of hills? What kind of sicko is he or she?” So the running has begun with a goal of kicking this courses' ass (or the person who designed it) looming for August 30th. I am recovering or I may still have an Upper Respiratory Infection so yesterday’s run made 2 and half miles or less out of 3, that I could run and breathe, feel like 10. After coughing, gagging and leaving phlegm (that should be a spelling bee word) all over the neighborhood, I actually felt cleared out of all the bad I put in my body from the late nights in the Key’s.

Here we are: Ground Zero for the 10 mile training. 13 weeks of running 3 to 4 times a week and progressively doing more miles each week (Thank you, Hal Higdon) ending with 10 miles of hills and the dreaded Severn River Bridge.
It can only get better than the run yesterday.

I hope they are going to have those awesome chocolate chip cookies and watermelon after the race.

"Big occasions and races which have been eagerly anticipated almost to the point of dread, are where great deeds can be accomplished." -Jack Lovelock

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