Thursday, November 5, 2009

Insanity - Day 3

One word: HolyCrap!
The Program is circuit training on steroids. Have a water bottle on stand by you do get 20-30 second breaks between the sets of circuits. Each work out I have done is 41 minutes from warm up to cool down and stretching. Sweat has been dripping and breathing has been heavy. I always here people talking about the 'core', I think I have one in there somewhere because it hurts. I like the work-outs kinda reminds me of getting 'bent' in boot camp when I was younger man of 18. Mrs Runner has decide that she is going to do the program not everyday but in pieces along with her treadmill/running/elliptical workouts. She said it was "hard to the point of it not being fun."
I realized that if I stop now my body is going to hurt worse than just continuing doing the work-outs. I am very content with the small meals and the recipes the give you are very good.

Thanks, Richard....I will and I won't.

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