Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Insanity - Week One in the Books

I have made the transition to doing my work out in the morning before I leave for work. That is 5am Ringy-Dingy and down stairs I go to the sweat factory. I like working out in the morning I get to work at 6:30 and I have a lot of energy to get work done before most folks get in around 8am. Mrs. Runner have an arrangement that I set my clothes out and a towel down stairs before I go to bed so I don’t disrupt he little ones as I shower and get dressed for work. It has worked out pretty good except for Monday when I was running late and I guess I never got a chance to cool off before I showered and left for work because I had HUGE visible (Thanks, Drew) sweaty pits by 9am. I had to change my shirt half way through the day to a dark shirt I luckily had in my truck.

Soreness is relative. Still crushing 6 days on 1 off and five small meals a day. I really like the work-out I did tweak my back a little during the work-out yesterday that I kind of felt today and may take a day doing the elliptical to let it mellow a day. One week down 7 to go.

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